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Shopping at Game Stop:

  • If you understand they HAVE to ask if you have or want a power up rewards card. (I had to do a similar thing when I worked at a Children’s clothes store.)
  • If the workers at your local store are nice and understanding and willing to help you in anyway.
  • If you understand that they can’t give you the same amount of money for a game as what they will sell it back at. (ie: Selling a game for for $20 and they give you $5. Duh they can’t give you $15 or $20, they won’t make any profit on it and used games are where they make most of their profit, if you are willing to wait sell it on Ebay or Amazon. If not, take the bad with the good.)
  • If you know you can get the most for you games if you look for sell back deals. (i once sold my PSP and a few games for $120 the same amount I could have gotten if I sold it on Ebay)
  • Your power-up reward really did end up paying for itself through the year.  Whether it was buying games or selling them back. 

I’m always hearing people go on about how terrible Game Stop is, how rude employees are and how they “rip” you off, so I though I’d go and post something positive. Seriously, I’ve never really been “ripped off” I look for deals before I sell anything back.

The stores near me also have really nice employees too. Always helpful, doing what they can.  Most of the time they even recognize us whenever we go into the store. Even if we haven’t been there in weeks or months. 

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